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The Kindle is an electronic device for downloading, storing and reading electronic books, known as e-books. It was developed by a company called Lab 126, which is a subsidiary of Amazon. The Kindle has instant wireless access to Amazon's sites in the United Kingdom, the United States, France and Germany, and a phenomenal (and growing) number of e-books, many of which are a fraction of the price of their hardcover and paperback equivalents. Below is a list of Steve's books that are now available in this format. More recently we've started to add audio book editions to the list. Check below to see what's available for download right now!

The Wrong Revolution by Steve Hayes

"Eric Grantley went to America to become a big movie star. When that didn't work out, he looked around for something else to satisfy his need for adventure, his desire to play the hero. He found it in the Cuban Revolution -- or so he thought. As soon as the young British ex-patriot arrived in Cuba, he discovered the awful truth about life in a war zone. And after that, Eric would never be the same ... Bonus Material Includes Steve's illuminating essay, My Lunch With Hemingway.

African Encounter by Steve Hayes

Many years ago, a friend of Hollywood screenwriter Steve Hayes had traveled to the Virunga Mountains of Africa, to see the gorillas there. She had looked into the eyes of a giant silverback, and it looked back at her without malice or guile but instead questioningly—as if it too was engaged in the moment, the wonder of meeting a fellow creature who might be a distant relative. The feeling she experienced was nothing short of spiritual, and Steve was hoping for something similar. But the trip was not without its dangers, for Congolese rebels regularly waged war in the region. Then a fluke accident led to a chance encounter with Dr Robert Odoki ... Robert had devoted himself to healing the sick of this poverty-ridden country, and the two men hit if off immediately. Traveling the road to Bwindi together, seeing Africa in all its moods, they were to forge a friendship that neither expected.

A Candidate for Conspiracy by Steve Hayes

Yesterday he was a spy. Today he's a Washington politician. Tomorrow he could be the next President of the United States. Soon he will control the greatest nation in the world -- unless a daredevil adventurer and his beautiful accomplice can stop him. But that’s a big if ..

A Coffin for Santa Rosa by Steve Hayes

Dying of typhoid fever, Ingrid Bjorkman asks Gabriel Moonlight to bury her beside her late husband in Santa Rosa. Knowing he's an outlaw with a rope awaiting him in New Mexico, she makes him promise to hire a Pinkerton to escort the coffin. But Gabriel loves her too much to let anyone else handle the burial and accompanied by her rebellious teenage daughter, Raven, he takes the coffin to Ingrid's former farm where her husband is buried. But the shadow of the rope looms over Gabriel. Faced with betrayal, can he escape with his life?

A Man Called Lawless by Steve Hayes

The promise of well-paid work drew the man called Lawless to Deming, New Mexico. But when he discovered the nature of the job, he decided to pass. Fate, however, had other ideas. Within minutes of his arrival in town he was forced to kill three hired guns, which put him at odds with the local law. And when his would-be employer, a beautiful woman, was kidnapped by Mexican bandits, Lawless had no choice but to cross the border and rescue her ... and hope like hell not to run afoul with his old enemy, the governor of Chihuahua, who had sworn to have him killed.

A Woman to Die for bySteve Hayes A Woman to Die for

Former P.I. Mitch Holliday loses his license after being framed for money laundering and is reduced to helping his partner, Lionel Banks, pick up Lila Hendricks, wanted for skipping bail. En route, Lionel is killed and Mitch is drawn into a world of money, murder and double-cross. His new surroundings are hard and uncompromising and he's at once seduced and repulsed by the obscene wealth of socialite Claire Dixon and her manipulative, crippled sister Elaina, especially when he compares it to the hand-to-mouth existence of his neighbor Donna Banks. But murder is the name of the game, the target a rich, ruthless businessman with few redeeming qualities. The question is: will Mitch, tough and cynical as he is, sacrifice what few principles he has in order to kill for the promise of wealth and Claire's love?

Another Dame, Another Dollar by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead Another Dame, Another Dollar

Jack Monroe was a man with a dream. He wanted to start a foundation that would encourage architects from poorer families. But to do it, he needed fifty million dollars. So he hooked up with the wealthy Thornhill family. But the Thornhills had more than their share of dirty little secrets, and Jack soon found himself a pawn in a deadly game of murder and deceit. If he wasn't careful, he could wind up becoming the architect of his own downfall.

Blackout by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead Blackout

When Diana Callan was beaten to death, all the evidence suggested that her husband was the killer. After returning from Afghanistan, former Green Beret Christopher Callan had developed violent blackouts during which he could remember nothing. But another suspect was in the frame, and if Chris could just get enough evidence to prove his own innocence, the real murderer could be punished. Trouble was, that was going to be easier said than done ... especially when Chris found himself involved with the girlfriend of a psychotic hoodlum.

The Brothers Macahan

U.S. Marshal Ezra Macahan picks the wrong time to visit his kid brother, Joshua, a cavalry soldier stationed at Camp Furlong, New Mexico. That night Pancho Villa and his revolutionary forces raid the nearby town of Columbus. The Villistas are defeated but during the battle, one of Villa's ruthless commanders, Manuel "Scar" Acosta, kidnaps Joshua's son, Daniel, and flees to his mountain hideout. Ezra and Joshua are about to pursue him, when they discover that their brother, Lt. Zachary, a recent deserter, was captured while riding with Villistas and now faces execution for treason. Ezra and Joshua visit Zach in jail. He agrees to lead them to Scar's hideout, but only if they break him out. Ezra refuses, forcing Zach to escape on his own. The brothers ride after Scar, accompanied by Joshua's fiery Mexican wife, Celia, who hopes to persuade her people to betray Scar's whereabouts. But unpleasant surprises await them in Mexico, surprises that begin with Zach suddenly showing up and agreeing to lead them to Scar's heavily-guarded hideout and culminate in his violent death and a shocking revelation by Scar that threatens to destroy Joshua's love for Celia. Can Marshal Macahan overcome these adversities, rescue Daniel and save his brother's once-blissful marriage or will they all be killed by Scar?

Catburglar in Monaco by Kelly Robbins

For Jackie O'Hara it was a race against time. Though terminally ill, she might live on for years ... or die tomorrow. There was just no way to tell. But before the end came, she was determined to make peace with her estranged brother Danny. There was just one problem: she had to find him first. Having witnessed a high-profile mob killing, Danny was now on the run from the Russian Mafia, who wanted him dead, and the F.B.I., who wanted him to testify against mob boss Dimitri Kaslov. That made Jackie a target as well, because they all hoped she would lead them straight to him. Now the search was reaching its finale against the glamorous backdrop of the Mediterranean. But given the dangers facing both of them, was a happy ending possible for the O'Haras?

Children of the Dark by Steve Hayes

From the mind of veteran Hollywood screenwriter Steve Hayes come a haunting collection of tales focusing on the darker side of childhood. Stretching from the dark days of the Second World War to the steaming jungles of the Congo and on to the bluffs overlooking exclusive Del Mar, you're about to enter a world of wicked aunts and uncles, homicidal teenagers and proud but impoverished street-urchins. Occasionally they find salvation ... but not always ...

Comes a Stranger bySteve Hayes Comes a Stranger

He was a stranger till he came to the aid of the four Kincannons. Then Ben Lawless became the best friend Mercy, Cinnamon, Caleb and Jonah could have wished for. But that was only the beginning for the Kincannons. When Cinnamon went missing the others had to grow up fast if they were to find and save her. Together with Lawless and an enigmatic old Lakota warrior called Shadow Wolf, they set out on an epic quest ... and a blood-soaked showdown that none of them could have foreseen.

Dead Before My Time by Kelly Robbins

Jackie O'Hara's search for her wayward brother takes her to Brazil, and the colorful region of Ipanema, but time is running out -- for both of them. Jackie is terminally ill. She could live for years or she could die right this minute. As for Danny ... the only witness to a brutal gangland killing, he's now on the run from the Russian Mafia. Unfortunately, that makes Jackie a target, too. And with the Russians on her trail, not to mention the FBI and Interpol, who can she really trust? Only one thing is certain -- if mob-boss Dmitri Kazlov has his way, her death will come sooner rather than later ...

Deadly Pursuit by Kelly Robbins

When New York businesswoman Jackie O'Hara finds out that she's terminally ill, she knows she has to put her affairs in order -- and top of her list is making peace with her estranged brother Danny. There's just one problem. Danny was the sole witness to a high-profile gangland murder, and now he's on the run from the Russian Mafia. As Jackie begins her worldwide search for Danny, she knows she's in a race against time. She could surprise everyone and live for years ... or she might die today, or tomorrow ...

The Devil's Anvil by Steve Hayes

The news wasn't good: the kill-crazy McClory brothers had busted out of Yuma Pen and were headed for Indian Territory. Somebody had to bring them in, and the job fell to Liberty Mercer. Liberty was a U.S. Deputy Marshal. She also happened to be a woman. And she was getting mighty tired of having her abilities questioned time and again. Still, she set out to run the outlaws to ground, knowing it was going to tough. But even she never realized just how tough it was going to be. As she followed a trail of bodies clear across the desert known as The Devil's Anvil, she formed an uneasy alliance with the Dunn brothers, Bill and Bee -- uneasy because they weren't exactly angels themselves. And along the way she damn'-near got herself killed for trusting the wrong person. By the time the gunsmoke cleared, however, she learned something about herself that was to change her whole life.

The Doomsday Conspiracy by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead The Doomsday Conspiracy

The president himself gave Special Agent Gus Novacek his orders. He had to stop Koji Shaguma's sinister Armageddon cult before it destroyed the world. But that was easier said than done. Armageddon struck first in Tokyo, then Paris, then London and finally New York, and Gus always seemed to be one step behind the murderous fanatics. Then fate stepped in and set the stage for the final bloody confrontation aboard a hijacked plane bound for Algiers. A plane that was rapidly losing fuel. A plane that was going to crash in the Atlantic and kill everyone on board, unless Gus could find a way to avert total disaster.

Drifter by Steve Hayes Drifter

When El Carcinero and his outlaw gang raided the Mercer ranch, they turned life upside-down for young Emily Mercer, who was away at school at the time. The mystery man known as Drifter was an old friend of the Mercers. But much as he wanted to get even with El Carcinero, he just didn't see how it was possible. Aside from the fact that he'd be hopelessly outgunned, the bandits had long-since fled back across the border into Mexico. Still, he hadn't reckoned on Emily. Wise beyond her years, she was determined to get back the horses the outlaws had stolen -- especially her beloved stallion, Diablo -- and no one was going to stop her. So she and a lawman, well past his prime, rode out after the bandits. Since Drifter couldn't let them go by themselves, he went right along too. And when the gun-swift Mesquite Jennings joined their small army, he almost started to feel sorry for El Carcinero. Almost ...

El Diablo by Steve Hayes

Following a Comanchero raid led by El Carcinero - the Butcher - young Emily Mercer has lost just about everything: her folks, her home and her future. But she'd damned if she was going to lose her beloved stallion, El Diablo, as well. With the stallion already sold to Stillman J. Stadtlander - the ruling rancher of Santa Rosa - Emily faces a ruthless opponent, who has the enigmatic gunfighter Latigo Rawlins on his payroll. But she has an ace of her own: a man, known only as Drifter, is backing her every step of the way. And if Emily doesn't get El Diablo back there'll be hell to pay.

Googies, Coffee Shop to the Stars by Steve Hayes

PACKED WITH RARE PHOTOGRAPHS, THIS NEW ELECTRONIC EDITION OF THE CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD MEMOIR contains BOTH volumes of GOOGIES: COFFEE SHOP TO THE STARS!! Ever wonder what it was like back in the forties and fifties, mingling with famous movie stars on the Sunset Strip; to ride beside James Dean in his Porsche Speedster, zipping around the curves of Mulholland Drive; to stay at Errol Flynn's house and sleep in the bedroom with the infamous hole in the mirrored ceiling; share a secret with Marilyn Monroe; act in a movie with Alan Ladd or Lana Turner; race motorcycles with Clark Gable on Ventura Boulevard; paint Rita Hayworth's house; be invited to tea by James Mason; go to the Hollywood Bowl with Jayne Mansfield and Louella Parsons; hang out with Flynn and countless other stars at the sordid Garden of Allah? Well, I did all those things and more, much more. As a fledgling actor, part-time house painter, parking attendant, "snoop" for the Fred Otash Detective Agency, and manager of Googie's, a celebrated coffee shop next to Schwab's drug store, I was in the catbird seat, privy to all the gossip, brawls and excitement that nightly took place at the Mocambo, Ciro's, The Players, Crescendo, Villa Nova and other glamorous night spots along the Strip. Known as the "playground of the stars," never a night went by on the Sunset Strip that one didn't rub elbows with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Duke Wayne, Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth and numerous other high profile celebrities. It's a fascinating era that has disappeared forever. And I was there in the thick of it. And now you can be, too. Because I've written it all down, exactly as it was ...

Gun for Revenge Steve Hayes

While hiding out in Mexico Gabriel Moonlight is confronted by Ellen Kincaide, a novice nun who begs him to revenge the death of her sister and Gabriel's former girlfriend, Cally. He refuses to help, knowing if he returns to New Mexico he will be hung for his crimes as the outlaw Mesquite Jennings.Later, Gabriel learns Ellen has been kidnapped by bandits and now sets out to rescue her. With a change of heart he also promises to kill the man who murdered Cally. But when he discovers the identity of the murderer Gabriel knows that to exact retribution means almost certain death. Even so, a promise is a promise.

Feral by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

There's something not quite right about Shelby's Oasis, the run-down tourist trap in the middle of the Arizona desert. For a start, the Shelby sisters, Agnes and Diana, seem to have more skeletons than closets in which to hide them. And with rumours of a fortune in gold buried somewhere on the property, who can really be trusted -- the sisters' scheming brother Scott? The seductive Kelly-Anne? Or Mitch, the manipulative loner who accidentally stumbles into their twisted lives? Only one thing's for sure: nothing at Shelby's Oasis is quite as it seems.

Latigo bySteve Hayes Latigo

Bounty hunter Latigo Rawlins was looking to start a whole new life with young Emily Mercer. But Stillman Stadtlander had other plans for him. Latigo had given evidence to prove that Standtlander had paid to have some rival Mexican ranchers killed. Now Stadtlander intended to see him pay for his betrayal at the end of a rope. It didn't matter to Emily that Latigo was wanted for more than a dozen killings of his own. She was in love, and because of that she'd move heaven, earth and everything in between to save the life of the man she planned to marry. She might just do it, too, for she had powerful allies in a man known only as Drifter ... and his gun-swift friend, Ezra Macahan. Then there was a lady marshal named Liberty, who was to influence Emily in a way no one could have foreseen.

Liberty's Trail by Steve Hayes Liberty's Trail

When word came through that two of the infamous Wallace brothers had been spotted in Indian Territory, Liberty Mercer, only the second woman ever to become a Deputy US Marshal, rode out to arrest them. But things didn't quite go according to plan and Liberty soon found herself left to die in the desert. Fortunately, rescue came in the unlikely shape of a young girl named Clementina, who was on the run herself -- from a brutal stepmother ... who just so happened to be the matriarch of the Wallace gang. Now, with the help of a railroad detective who's also after the outlaws, Liberty is determined to recapture the brothers and deliver them to Guthrie, where they'll be tried ... and hung. But Ma Wallace and her clan are determined to kill them before that happens, and it's up to Liberty to prove to her detractors that she's worthy of being a lawman!

Demonic by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead Demonic

In the wake of the worst storm anyone could remember, strange things started happening in Frankport, Michigan. A teenage boy disappeared. Another was murdered in full view of his friends. And if the evidence was to be believed, Reed Devlin, a retired, decorated Marine-turned-drunk, spent the night with a ghost -- a woman who had been reported dead earlier that same evening. In the days that followed, young Skylar Lewis discovered an incredible secret on her new laptop computer. And Reed's old Army buddy was killed by two weird, half-seen things. Something evil had come to Frankport. But for what purpose? And how was a dying town supposed to protect itself against a demon that was more than ten thousand years old?

Packing Iron by Steve Hayes

Rebellious teenager Raven Bjorkman and her widowed mother, Ingrid, save the life of Gabriel Moonlight, an outlaw dying from gunshot wounds. While he's recuperating, they learn he was shot by the son of his enemy, a ruthless rancher named Stadtlander. By the time Gabriel rides off, Raven and Ingrid care deeply for him. But since they are moving to Old Calico, a California mining town, to live with Ingrid's rich brother, Reece, they don't expect to see Gabriel again. But fate decrees that they will be reunited and Gabriel find himself in a perilous situation where only his gun-skills will save the day.

Hang Shadow Horse! by Ben Bridges and Steve Hayes

The Portuguese slavers called him Sam because they couldn't pronounce his real name. They tore him away from his homeland and put him to work picking cotton in the Tennessee Valley. But the big, fleet-footed Zulu was nobody's slave, and to prove it he escaped and headed west. Throwing in with a medicine show conman named Doc Jonah, Sam started entering county footraces to earn enough money to go back to Africa. But then his trail crossed that of Major Lawrence Devlin, and nothing was going to stop the ruthless rancher's man from winning the Fort Stockton Carnival Week race. From that moment forward Sam was cheated, beaten, shot and hunted like an animal. Worse, they took his beautiful grullo mare, U-Shee-nah, away from him. But that was Devlin's biggest mistake, because it only made Sam more determined to get his revenge ... and as Shadow Horse he became Devlin's worst nightmare.

Thre Ride Again by Steve Hayes and Ben Bridges Three Ride Again

Surveyors working for the Truman Copper Consortium had found what promised to be the biggest copper strike in history. There was just one problem. That vast fortune in red metal sat smack in the middle of land considered sacred to the Apaches. When the surveyors were attacked and slaughtered, it looked as if a full-scale Indian war was about to explode. And when they discovered that the hot-headed Bedonkohe Apache, Geronimo, was involved in the events of that bloody night, his two blood-brothers, rancher Jesse Glover and the towering Zulu warrior called Sam, rode up into the Dragoons to ask him just what in hell he thought he was doing. But when they started looking a little deeper into what had happened, they started to realize that all was not as it seemed. Other forces were at work in the wilds of the Arizona Territory, in the shape of a mystery man known as Tchin'dih ... The Ghost. Meanwhile, back at Fort Bowie, one of the key players in the game was murdered. For the locals, that was the last straw, and the mood turned downright ugly. If they were to stop the coming war and discover the identity of the mystery killer, the three blood brothers would have to forget their differences -- and ride shoulder to shoulder once again.

Three Rode Together by Steve Hayes and Ben Bridges Three Rode Together

Jesse Glover was minding his own business when Ulysses S. Grant summoned him to Washington and asked him to quit the life of a cowboy and go keep Arizona safe from the likes of Cochise and Geronimo. So Jesse saddled up and headed for Fort Bowie, and its Indian-hating commanding officer, Major Nicholas Calloway. Along the way he saved a beautiful White Mountain Apache girl named Morning Star from a monstrous fate. And when he tangled with a ruthless gang who was determined to start a whole new Indian uprising, he found help in the shape of two unlikely allies -- a Zulu warrior named Sam, and a Chiricahua Apache named Goyahkla, who was better known as Geronimo.

Trail of the Hanged Man by Steve Hayes

Wrangler Ben Lawless knows he was hanged -- he has the rope burns around his neck to prove it! But he can't remember who hanged him or why. Nor can he remember how he escaped. Haunted by his missing past, Lawless heads for Arizona to start a new life. On the way, he saves Sheriff Tishman from being hanged by Joey Morgan, provoking Joey's vengeful wrath in the process. Then he helps his attractive neighbour, Ingrid Bjorkman, fight Stillman Stadtlander, a ruthless cattle baron who wants her land. The fight against Stadtlander promises not to be easy, but Lawless will do anything for the beautiful Ingrid. Little does he know that this deadly conflict will begin a series of perilous events that will lead him to the man who hanged him ...

The Trail to Death Mountain by Steve Hayes and Ben Bridges

Four men went up into the mountains in search of a lost mine. Only one came back -- driven out of his mind with fear. Their employer, old Colonel Fogarty, was determined to discover exactly what had happened to them, but no one was willing to go and find out -- except Rachel, the colonel's daughter. Then Rachel was joined by the colonel's mean-tempered surveyor, Harvey Wheeler, and two local low-lives with larcenous plans of their own. Finally there was Jason Hart, the enigmatic stranger who claimed that his job was all about "chasing shadows." Who was he, really? Where did he come from? And what did he intend to do when the mountain's dark secrets were finally unlocked?

Dead Ringers by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead Dead Ringers

A vicious serial killer is haunting the bayous of Louisiana, and the only person who can catch him is F.B.I. Agent Kate Palmer. But after years spent thinking like serial killers in order to catch them, Kate is finally facing burnout. To make matters worse, she's just about to rekindle a relationship with the only man she ever loved when the Bayou Butcher strikes again, this time terrifyingly close to home. For Kate, that makes it personal. And it might also be just the thing it takes to break her completely.

Dead End by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

On the surface, the town of Dead End, Arizona, was just another whistle-stop on the way to nowhere. But there was more going on in Dead End than met the eye. For the very future of humanity depended upon the actions of a few brave souls ... and a rag-tag army of supernatural creatures who had no souls at all! If they lost the war, Earth would be left open to invasion from another planet. If they won, their fragile alliance would end and the age-old battle between the living and the undead would continue as before. Either way, the streets of Dead End were going to run with blood -- a lot of it.

Women Kill Me by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

In Washington, a high-ranking politician is murdered. In central Africa, a new and seemingly unstoppable virus starts killing its male victims by the thousands. And on the internet, a group known as The Utopians grows more powerful by the day. What's the connection between them -- if any? At first, homicide detective Ben Hicks couldn't care less. He's got problems of his own, which involve a nightmare from the past and an addiction to the bottle. But Pentagon cryptologist Hunter McCormack's got problems, too. The killers know she witnessed the murder of the politician and are out to silence her as well. The trouble is, no one believes she saw the killing to begin with. Except Ben ...