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TARZAN -- Supervising Producer, Balenciaga Productions (1991-94)

ACAPULCO H.E.A.T. -- Supervising Producer -- Balenciaga Productions (1993-94, 1998-99)

CONAN THE ADVENTURER -- Co-Producer -- Balancianga Productions-Keller Entertainment Group-Western International (1997-98)

God's Ears


SIXGOLD PRODUCTIONS, LLC, is a small boutique production company founded in May, 2006 for the sole purpose of producing elite, aesthetically-pleasing independent films that are not burdened by formula plots and bloated budgeting.

The first film to be executive produced and financed entirely by Sixgold's founders, Steve and Robbin Hayes, is GOD'S EARS.

Written and directed by Michael Worth and starring Margot Farley, Mitzi Kapture-Donohue, Karen Kim, John Saxon, Tim Thomerson and Michael Worth. This beautiful, sensitive film has already garnered numerous accolades and film festival awards.

Action On Film International Film Festival 2008 -- WINNER: Best Actress -- Margot Farley

MethodFest 2008 -- WINNER: Best Supporting Actor -- John Saxon

Moondance Festival 2008 -- Semi Finalist

Visionfest 2008 -- WINNER

Domani Vision Award & Jack Nance Breakout Performance Award -- Michael Worth

Honolulu International Film Festival 2009 -- Silver Lei Award

Sedona International Film Festival -- Official Selection

Las Vegas International Film Festival 2009 -- Official Selection

Both Robbin and Steve are extremely proud to be a part of this wonderful and inspiring film that shows how love can overcome everything -- even autism -- if only one has hope and faith.

Sixgold Productions, LLC is currently reading new screenplays in search of a follow-up film to God's Ears.

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